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Building the foundation for future generations of students
Eric Tribe
President & CEO
Michael Landell
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Angel Sider
Shane Attersley
Founding Member
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Founding Member
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Digital Director

Supporting Students for Future Generations

Funds raised by the Nate Black Foundation are dedicated to providing financial assistance to exceptional students in pursuit of higher education. The goal of this foundation is to create a lasting endowment fund that will generate ongoing support to students for generations to come. Thank you for your generous support and honoring the memory of Nate Black.

The Nate Black Foundation

Nate Black was the consummate dreamer and achiever who was fueled by the positivity of everyone around him. To Nate, everyone was family – and in his passing we all felt like we lost a brother. The Nate Black Foundation was established to provide the next generation of high achievers with an opportunity to have financial security in the pursuit of their dreams.

This scholarship also aims to bring everyone from Nate’s ‘family’ together to provide a sense of community and mentorship for students looking to navigate their way beyond university and into successful careers. Not everyone gets the opportunity to chase their wildest dreams or even afford to dream. Nate understood his achievements in that context and was always humble. We believe that with the right foundation the students selected for this scholarship will be given the chance to excel and achieve their fullest potential. And, we want you to help!